Ernesto Sarezale (in the flesh)

poetry, performance, video

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Munich gives nudist sunbathing the green light and introduces Urban Naked Zones | Mail Online
'Whenever the sun is out, you’ll find Münchner of all ages, shapes and sizes catching some rays as nature intended. It’s considered as much the perfect lunchtime escape from the stresses of a busy day for office workers as it a place for friends and families to gather at weekends, and the atmosphere is always convivial and laid-back.
'This being Germany, there’s no embarrassment whatsoever about the fact that everybody is naked - the park is named the English Garden because of the original style of the horticulture, not as an ironic way of poking fun at traditional British prudery.'
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photo by Konstantinos Rigos
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Looks like London. This guy must be bold as fuck to be walking down such a crowded street naked, especially since he seems to be the only one!

I’d love to do this too, Totally Nude outdoors in open public view. I’de be masterbating nude in public .